Proposed alternatives review

Why is 48th Ave S preferred?

We completed an exhaustive analysis of five alternative routes and listened to community input. We used the screening criteria you helped create to analyze each alternative’s anticipated impact on:

  • Residents, including noise
  • Businesses
  • Traffic during construction
  • Utilities (relocation for construction)
  • Truck access to and from I-5
  • BNSF’s operations
  • The environment, including air quality and the Duwamish River

We determined that the 48th Ave S route is the most feasible route that will have a lower impact on Allentown’s residential community.

Map of 48th Ave S route

When using this route, trucks would travel on the existing 48th Ave S road and on a new bridge over the Green River Trail and Duwamish River. Trucks would enter the BNSF facility on the south end.


  • Directs truck traffic to only commercial roads, avoiding Allentown and other residential areas
  • Does not require additional right-of-way for BNSF
  • Nearby access to I-5
  • Most cost-effective alternative
  • Best score on the screen matrix


  • Requires new bridge over the Green River Trail and Duwamish river
  • Requires new roadway