Environmental considerations

We completed a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) process earlier this year. The SEPA process and checklist provides the framework for us to consider potential environmental impacts.

The SEPA checklist requires us to analyze the effects the preferred alternative would have on multiple environmental elements, including:

  • Salmon and salmon habitat in the Duwamish River
  • Geotechnical elements
  • Cultural resources
  • Environmentally sensitive areas

Environmental schedule

  • Spring 2017: Studied potential environmental impacts as part of SEPA process
  • June 2017: SEPA Notice of Application comment period began; notice boards posted
  • August 2017: Community outreach and feedback (like this online open house!)
  • September 2017: SEPA official will issue determination - a decision which may require additional investigation of potential environmental impacts
  • October 2017: Project team will present final Access Study and SEPA process documents to City Council